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Knowledge Base FAQ


Why do RF products contain sulfates?

Sulfates are surfactants used in personal care products for their cleansing, lathering and rinsing properties. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) has been removed from most René Furterer products and reformulated with a gentler surfactant. Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) is proven to be safe and is used in select René Furterer products.(1)

  1. Currently the only formulations with SLS are Curbicia shampoos.

What products contain silicones?

René Furterer currently develops all silicone-free formulas that respect the scalp and hair fiber as well as the environment. While it is true that silicones appear to smooth the hair fiber and boost its hold and shine, this is just a superficial effect. By coating the hair, silicones actually weigh it down, dry it out and smother the scalp. Derived from oil, they are not biodegradable.(1)

  1. The entire René Furterer line is silicone-free with the exception of Karite Nutri Intense Overnight Care, Lissea Thermal Protecting Smoothing Spray, Volumea Volumizing Conditioning Spray, Style Vegetal Sculpting Gel and Style Vegetal Mousse

Which RF products contain sodium-chloride?

All shampoos in the René Furterer line have a negligible % of sodium chloride in their formulations. This ingredient is not added to the formulations, but rather a bi-product of other ingredients.

It is a European requirement to list all ingredients in formulations, even those that fall below 1 % in concentration. US standards differ, in that anything 1 % or less is not required to be printed on the ingredient list. Many US brands claim products as sodium chloride free since 1 % or less is not required to be on the label.

Pierre-Fabre has not done specific testing to determine compatibility with keratin straightening or Brazilian blowout treatments. However, there are three products that René Furterer does not recommend for use with professional straightening treatments, as the % of sodium chloride is slightly higher. These products include Astera Fresh Shampoo, Okara Silver Shampoo and Karinga Shampoo.

What are RF commitments?

René Furterer applies a Fair Trade, Supportive and Accountable Sourcing approach for its procurement of plants. The finest example of the brand’s commitment is the creation of three supply chains, Shea Butter, Moringa and Argan.

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